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Resorts Pts Available Points Use Year Price / Point Price Status See Details
Saratoga Springs255 points banked for 2021 25 points available for 2022 and beyondSep160$4,000New
Saratoga Springs5050 points available for 2022 and beyondSep---$7,400Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs5050 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 4/8/22Dec---$7,250Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs503 points for 2021, 48 points for 2022. 50 points for 2023 and beyondcan close 4/15/22Feb148$7,400New
Saratoga Springs6060 points for 2022 and beyondSep---$8,700Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs7035 points for 2022, 70 points for 2023Apr145$10,150Available
Saratoga Springs7571 points for 2022, 75 points for 2023 and beyond. Can close 5/29/2022Oct---$10,875Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs100100 point for 2022 and beyond. Can close 3/25/22Oct---$12,900Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs10090 points for 2022, 100 points for 2023 and beyond. Can close 7/12/22.Dec---$13,100Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs1007 points for 2022, 100 points for 2023, can close 5/12/22Dec---$13,500Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs12033 points banked for 2021, 120 points available for 2022 and beyondFeb---$16,200Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs12086 points for 2022, 120 points for 2023 and beyondOct130$15,600New
Saratoga Springs130130 points for 2023 and beyond NO DUES FOR 2022, Can close 3/27/22Feb---$17,290Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs130130 points for 2023 and beyond. Can close 3/27/22Feb132$17,160New
Saratoga Springs15092 points for 2022, 150 points for 2023 and beyondApr130$19,500New
Saratoga Springs150150 points for 2023 and beyond NO DUES FOR 2022, Can close 3/19/22Feb133$19,950Available
Saratoga Springs150150 points for 2023 and beyond. Can close 3/19/22Feb132$19,800Available
Saratoga Springs15038 points banked for 2020, 150 for 2021 and beyond.Dec---$19,650Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs150150 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 2/20/22Oct---$19,800Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs150112 points for 2021. 150 points for 2022. can close 5/8/22Sep135$20,250New
Saratoga Springs160160 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 4/29/22.Dec129$20,640Price Reduced
Saratoga Springs160160 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 4/11/22.Jun132$21,120New
Saratoga Springs16094 points for 2022, 160 points for 2023 and beyondApr133$21,820Price Reduced
Saratoga Springs16080 points for 2022, 160 points for 2022 and beyondJun135$21,600New
Saratoga Springs2004 points banked for 2021, 200 points for 2022 and beyondFeb---$25,200Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs2002 points for 2021, 200 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 4/15/22Dec---$26,000Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs200126 points available for 2021, 200 points for 2022 and beyondSep---$25,600Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs200197 for 2022, 200 points for 2023 and beyond.Feb126$25,200Available
Saratoga Springs2001113 points for 2022, 200 points for 2023 and beyondJun---$25,600Sale Pending
Saratoga Springs210107 points for 2021, 210 points for 2022 and beyondDec131$27,510Available
Saratoga Springs210172 points for 2022, 210 points for 2023 and beyond.Jun128$26,880Price Reduced
Saratoga Springs21074 points banked from 2021, 210 points for 2022 and beyond. Can close 04/16/22Feb127$26,670New
Saratoga Springs250250 points for 2022 and beyondApr130$32,500New
Saratoga Springs250250 points for 2022 and beyond.Feb129$32,250Price Reduced
Saratoga Springs261261 points available for 2022 and beyond.Feb132$34,452Available
Saratoga Springs350350 points for 2022 and beyondDec125$43,750Available
Saratoga Springs500500 points for 2022 and beyond /Jun---$62,500Sale Pending
Disney DVC Saratoga Springs building exterior and bike rentals
5 Star Resort
1960 Broadway Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Maintenance Cost
$7.33 per point

Reminiscent of New York’s quaint, horse racing town of Saratoga Springs, this DVC Resort is the perfect place to sit back, relax and shop! Located just across the lake from Disney Springs, Saratoga Springs attracts guests who are looking to shop, dine and party the night away just across the lake. Opened in phases from 2004-2007, this 65-acre resort offers is the largest DVC Resort and several unique features like the Treehouse Villas, where families can literally sleep in a treehouse on their vacation. This massive 800+ villa resort is spread over 18 buildings in addition to the 60 free standing Treehouse Villas.

A Bit of History

This resort also has a rich and unique history. Originally the site of a residential community with a nearby shopping area called Lake Buena Vista Village (sound familiar?) built in the 1970s, the resort has gone through several transformations before becoming the Saratoga Springs that we know and love today.

After the planned residential community idea was scrapped by Disney executives, the area was turned into a resort in the 1980s. The Lake Buena Vista Village shopping area was changed to focus on Walt Disney World visitors and eventually would become Disney Springs.

In the 1990s the resort was once again changed, this time into the Disney Institute Resort, which was intended to be an interactive, educational vacation experience for Disney World visitors. After years of lackluster attendance to the Disney Institute, the resort was finally converted to the 7th Disney Vacation Club Resort and renamed Saratoga Springs.

Although the DVC resort officially opened in 2004, some of the buildings, including the 60 Treehouse Villages were actually built in the 1970s.


Saratoga Springs was in the midst of a 2-year refurbishment plan when the resort closed due to the coronavirus. Room renovations began in June 2019 and were expected to be completed in 2021. It is not clear when renovations will be completed but as of October 2020 two buildings have completed renovation.  The renovated rooms were beautifully updated with all new furniture, paint, cabinetry and countertops.

Newly Renovated One Bedroom Villa at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Room Types

Deluxe Studios

One Bedroom Villas

Two Bedroom Villas

Two Bedroom Lock-off

Treehouse Villas

Three Bedroom Villas

Standard vs. Preferred Rooms

Disney DVC Resort Review Saratoga Springs Resort bridge to Disney Springs
Bridge from Disney Springs to Saratoga Springs

All Saratoga Springs rooms are available in either Standard or Preferred options, except for the Treehouse Villas. The difference between Standard and Preferred rooms is their location.

Standard Rooms are located in The Grandstand, The Carousel and The Paddock buildings.
Preferred Rooms are located in The Springs and Congress Park and are closer to the resort’s main lobby, boat launch, pedestrian bridge to Disney Springs and other transportation options.

If you’re looking for convenience during your stay, the Preferred Rooms will save you time when heading in and out of the resort.


Disney’s website is a bit confusing because Preferred Rooms are sometimes listed as Preferred/Water Views. In actuality, you cannot choose your room’s view when booking. Standard and Preferred only indicate your location at the resort, not the view you will have from your room.

Resort Dining

In addition to the multitude of restaurants available just across the lake at Disney Springs, Saratoga Springs is home to several great dining options right on property.

The Turf Club Bar and Grill

This racetrack themed table-service restaurant serves classic American cuisine daily for dinner only. Steak, seafood, pastas and more, there is plenty to choose from for the whole family.

The Turf Club Lounge

Head to the Turf’s bar for a few fun, old world cocktails like Mint Juleps and Blue Jockeys in a relaxed Turf Club Lounge. Sit back, munch on a few light snacks and enjoy the vistas of Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

The Artist’s Palette

This quick service cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and consists mainly of sandwiches, wraps and flatbreads. Although the menu looks fairly standard, selections here are quite interesting. Expect cheeseburger pizza, lobster sandwiches and robust salads full of fruit, nuts and cheese.

The Paddock Grill

Disney DVC Resort Review Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa Paddock Grill

Located poolside, the Paddock Grill also serves up three meals a day to fill the stomachs of the hungriest of pool goers. Fish tacos, burgers and sandwiches fill the menu for delicious, quick options.

Backstretch Pool Bar

Another poolside dining option at Saratoga Springs, Backstretch offers a few sandwiches, snacks and the perfect tropical frozen drinks to quench your thirst during a hot day poolside.

On the Rocks Pool Bar

Located at the High Rock Spring Pool, On the Rocks serves cocktails, beer, wine and smoothies. No food is available at this location but guests can easily pop over to the nearby Artist’s Palette for breakfast, lunch, dinner and light snacks.



Pools, pools and more pools! Since Saratoga Springs is such a large resort there are a total of 5 pools where guests can lounge in the Florida sun.

Paddock Pool

Disney DVC Resort Review Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa Paddock Pool
Paddock Pool at Saratoga Springs

One of the two feature pools on property, the Paddock Pool features a 146-foot slide that starts from a water tower and zips you down to the zero-entry pool below. Along with the main pool, you’ll find a horseshoe shaped whirlpool and two kiddie pools.

High Rock Spring Pool

Disney DVC Resort Review Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa High Rock Springs Pool
High Rock Springs Pool at Saratoga Springs

Located near The Springs area, the second feature pool is another zero-entry pool with waterfalls and a 128-foot slide built into the rocks. Kids will enjoy the Donald Duck splash area and the miniature pool slide.

Leisure Pools

Three quieter leisure pools are available in conveniently placed locations around the resort. Leisure pools are located at the Treehouse Villas, Congress Park and Grandstand, making it easy for all guests to find a place to cool down in the warm Florida weather.

Other Amenities

  • Senses Spa
    A full-service day spa and health club, Senses offers a wide range of spa services as well as a 24-hour fitness center for guests staying at Saratoga Springs as well as day guests at the resort. Services offered include:

    • Massage treatments
    • Facial treatments
    • Body treatments
    • Bath and soak treatments
    • Hand and foot treatments
  • Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
    Located adjacent to Saratoga Springs is this beautiful 18-hole golf course that is sure to entertain avid golfers and novices alike.
  • Tennis
    Two clay courts are available daily for guests to play a few rounds of tennis. Equipment rentals are available at Horsing Around Rentals.
  • Basketball Court
    Play a little basketball with friends at the court located in the Sports Court area of the resort. Ball rentals available at Horsing Around Rentals.
  • Shuffleboard
    A true vacationers game, play a game or two with friends on a relaxing afternoon.
  • Horsing Around Rentals
    Bikes, sports equipment for various onsite sports
  • Sunrise Yoga
    Set the mood for your day with a relaxing morning yoga lesson overlooking Disney Springs.
  • Fishing Excursions
    Reel in a big one on a bass fishing excursion where you’ll spend a few hours gliding through the calm waters around the resort.
  • Pool Table
    Grab a drink and challenge friends to a game of pool at The Turf Club Lounge.
  • Playgrounds
    The kids can go wild at the water playground and two dry playgrounds at Saratoga Springs.
  • Win Place or Show Arcade
    Not just for kids, play a few rounds of your favorite games at Win Place or Show.
  • Jogging Trails
    Jog along the various scenic trails at the resort to get your daily workout in.
  • Community Hall
    Have a family game night at Community Hall where guests can find video games, board games and more.


  • Home one of the few full-service spas located at Disney World.
  • Great location for golfers with golf course on property.
  • Convenient location for visiting Disney Springs.
  • Many building have been recently renovated. All buildings to be renovated by 2021.
  • Various sports available onsite.
  • Unique vacation experience with Treehouse Villas, the only location at Disney with this type of villa.


  • Sprawling resort with some building located far from Disney transportation options. This can mean long walks for some after already long days at the parks.
  • Buses are the only form of Disney transportation to and from parks.
  • Very subtle theming compared some other DVC resorts, which may not appeal to all guests.
Deluxe Studio
Occupancy 4 adults
1 Bedroom
Occupancy 5 adults
2 Bedroom
Occupancy 8 adults
2 Bedroom Lockoff
Occupancy 8 adults
3 Bedroom Grand Villa
Occupancy 12 adults
Treehouse Villa
Occupancy 9 adults
2022 Point Chart
2022 Point Chart
DVC – Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
Vacation Points Per Night
Deluxe Studio
(Sleeps up to 4)
One Bed­room Villa
(Sleeps up to 4)
Two Bed­room Villa
(Sleeps up to 8)
Three Bed­room Grand Villa
(Sleeps up to 12)
Three Bed­room Tree­house Villas
(Sleeps up to 9)
Travel Period 1Sept 1-30
Sun – Thu
10 12 20 24 27 35 63 74 38
Fri – Sat
14 16 27 30 34 40 72 84 43
78 92 154 180 203 255 459 538 276
Travel Period 2Jan 1-31,Dec 1-14
Sun – Thurs
12 14 24 28 32 38 68 77 41
Fri – Sat
15 17 29 34 36 42 78 89 45
90 104 178 208 232 274 496 563 295
Travel Period 3May 1-Jun 10,Dec 15-23
Sun – Thurs
13 15 26 30 35 40 74 83 43
Fri – Sat
15 18 31 35 39 45 83 94 48
95 111 192 220 253 290 536 603 311
Travel Period 4Feb 1-15,Jun 11-Aug 31,Oct 1-Nov 22,Nov 26-30
Sun – Thurs
14 15 29 33 37 43 80 91 45
Fri – Sat
16 19 34 38 40 51 88 101 52
102 113 213 241 265 317 576 657 329
Travel Period 5Apr 24-30
Sun – Thu
14 16 31 35 38 47 88 101 48
Fri – Sat
18 20 35 40 45 55 99 115 54
106 120 225 255 280 345 638 735 348
Travel Period 6Feb 16-28,Mar 1-Apr 9,Apr 18-23,Nov 23-25
Sun – Thurs
15 17 31 38 41 49 96 109 51
Fri – Sat
18 21 36 42 47 59 108 125 58
111 127 227 274 299 363 696 795 371
Travel Period 7Apr 10-17,Dec 24-31
Sun – Thurs
21 23 43 49 56 67 113 132 66
Fri – Sat
25 28 47 53 63 75 126 139 76
155 171 309 351 406 485 817 938 482