DVC Buyer Financing

Need help with financing? Choose from our preferred lenders below.

We highly recommend you check out financing BEFORE you submit an offer.


This company handles only Florida properties. Monera does not
pull credit and does not report to the credit bureau. They will offer you 3 down payment
options and 9 repayment terms, you choose what fits your family’s budget. As long as
you have the down payment you are approved!


Vacation Club Loans lends for all DVC properties with interest rates starting as low as 9.9%. You only need a 600 FICO score for instant approval; however they do not report debt to credit bureaus.

Finance up to 10 years with as little as 10% down payment. They lend in all 50 states.

Timeshare Lending

The lender for SC, CA & HI is Timeshare Lending. Their guidelines change frequently,
please check their website.

You can always get your own financing however, the property cannot be used as
collateral and that is considered a cash deal.

Financing is available to all US citizens and Canadian citizens who have a US bank
account or RCNB account. (This is only available through Monera for the Florida