DVC Resale: Frequently Asked Questions


For Buyers

Why Should I Use DVC Shop To Buy My DVC Contract?

The most important reason to choose DVC Shop to purchase your DVC contract is to SAVE MONEY! Customers who purchase a Disney Vacation Club contract through DVC Shop can expect to save between 10-45% off resort direct prices. Additionally, there are no point minimums so you can purchase the perfect number of points you need for you and your family.

Plus, at DVC Shop, our knowledgeable and friendly Licensed Real Estate Associates are available 7 days a week to assist you with any of your DVC buying, selling and rental needs. Our representatives are always happy to answer and clarify any questions you may have regarding usage as a DVC resale owner.

Are There Any Restrictions When Buying Resale?

When you purchase a resale contract at any of Disney’s original 14 Vacation Club Resorts you will be eligible to book reservations at any of the original 14 DVC locations. If purchasing a Riviera resale contract you will only be eligible to book at the Riviera Resort. All owners are eligible to exchange points through RCI’s exchange program with over 2,000 resorts.

Resale points may also not be used to make Concierge Collection, Disney Collection or Adventurer Collection reservations. Additionally, resale contracts are not eligible for Membership Extras such as member discounts on dining and shopping, member-exclusive events and certain other special member offers. 

How Do I Know Which Resort To Buy And How Many Points I Need?

The knowledgeable staff at DVC Shop is available 7 days a week to help answer any of your questions about resorts, point charts, room sizes and anything else you need to know about DVC that will help you decide what is best for you and your family. As every family is unique, we suggest getting in touch with one of our DVC experts to discuss your family’s travel habits and needs to determine the best contract for you.

As An Owner Am I Restricted To Use My Points Only At Disney?

No, every DVC owner is eligible to use the RCI exchange program to make reservations at over 2,000 RCI resorts. Additionally, owners can rent their points to help finance any vacation around the world. Visit DVC Shop Rentals more information about rental pricing or to ask a rental expert any additional questions you may have about the rental process. 

When Can I Make My First DVC Reservation?

Typically the resale purchase process takes approximately 8-10 weeks from beginning to end. The simple process is as follows:

  1. Find a property and contract for you and your family
  2. Make an offer, agree and sign a contract with the seller
  3. Your DVC Shop representative will then submit the contract to Disney and await the Right of First Refusal and Estoppel. This process typically takes 1 month.
  4. A title company will perform a title search to confirm clear title and ownership. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.
  5. Next the sale will be closed and all documentation will be submitted to Disney.
  6. Finally, Disney will establish your account and make you an official DVC member! This step takes approximately 2-3 weeks after closing.

Your DVC Shop representative will guide you through this process and will be available every step of the way to answer any questions and provide you with any necessary information to complete the purchase process as swiftly as possible.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Points I Have To Buy?

When purchasing from DVC Shop there is no minimum point requirement. You can buy as few as 25 points to become a DVC member, which is currently the smallest contract offered by Disney. 

Some buyers may want to take advantage of Disney’s exclusive Membership Extras. To be eligible for Membership Extras you will need to buy a minimum of 100 points directly from Disney. As a buyer you should evaluate whether these Membership Extras are worth the additional cost of purchasing directly from Disney.

What Additional Costs Can I Expect To Pay Above The Offer Price?

There are no hidden costs when working with DVC Shop to purchase your DVC contract. You will be responsible to pay the purchase price, closing costs and any financing costs if you choose to finance your purchase.

Are Prices Negotiable?

Just like in residential real estate sales, the price depends on the seller. Keep in mind that some very popular contracts will sell for full asking price or even more than asking. If you’ve found the perfect contract for you and your family don’t risk losing a great deal to save a few hundred dollars. Your DVC Shop representative can help guide you in making a fair offer and one that will likely pass Disney’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR). 

What Is ROFR?

Right of First Refusal is the right held by Disney to replace the Buyer during the resale of a DVC contract. This means that if they choose, Disney can purchase the Seller’s contract under the same terms that were agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller. Disney has up to 30 days to decide if they would like to exercise or waive their Right of First Refusal. 

How Often Does Disney Exercise ROFR?

It happens, but not too often. DVC exercises the ROFR on approximately 15-20% of contracts sold by DVC Shop. While there is a chance that Disney will exercise the ROFR, your DVC Shop agent will make recommendations on pricing based on our most recent sales as well as recent buyback (ROFR) experiences.

What Are The Expiration Dates For Each Resort?

Resort Expiration Year
Animal Kingdom Expires 2057
Aulani Ko’Olina Expires 2062
Bay Lake Tower Expires 2060
Beach Club Expires 2042
Boardwalk Villas Expires 2042
Boulder Ridge Expires 2042 
Copper Creek Expires 2068
Grand Californian Expires 2060 
Grand Floridian Expires 2064
Hilton Head Expires 2042
Old Key West Expires 2042

(2057 for extended contracts)

Polynesian Expires 2066
Riviera Resort Expires 2070
Saratoga Springs Expires 2054 
Vero Beach Expires 2042

Is Financing Available?

Yes, there are several financing options available when purchasing a DVC resale contract. Below is a list of recommended options.

DVC Lender Phone Number Website
Monera Financial 317-245-8800 http://monerafinancial.com/loan-application/
Vacation Club Loans 800-334-2334 https://www.vacationclubloans.com/
LightStream 702-486-3132 https://www.lightstream.com/timeshare-loans

For Sellers

When Listing With DVC Shop, Is My Exposure With DVC Shop Only Or Do You Work With Other Brokerage Companies?

DVC Shop uses all means possible to market your listing. We are also one of the only DVC resale companies that co-brokes with other licensed resale companies to sell your contract as quickly as possible.

When Is DVC Shop Compensated For The Sale Of My Property?

DVC Shop receives a commission after the sale of your contract is complete. The commission is paid through the closing company during the closing process, similar to traditional residential real estate sales. There are NO UPFRONT FEES when working with DVC Shop.

How Long Will It Typically Take To Sell My Timeshare?

Most DVC Shop listings listed at market price will sell within a few weeks. If you’re looking for a quicker sale we do offer an Instant Sale option. See below for more information.

What Is An Instant Sale?

Many of the DVC resale brokerage companies can provide owners an immediate offer for the sale of their property. The amount of the offer depends on your location, point value and current market conditions. While some companies have an offer calculator we prefer to evaluate your ownership when you contact us to make sure we offer you the highest possible amount for your contract based on the most recent market conditions.

At DVC Shop we pride ourselves in offering owners the highest prices for Instant Sales. Our offer prices are consistently higher than others and often times much higher than you’ll receive from any other agency. In addition, DVC Shop will pay the closing costs for any Instant Sale. As the seller you will only be responsible for the commission and any estoppel fees.

As A Seller, What Are My Fees?

Sellers are responsible to pay a commission of 8.5% for the sale of your listing. Additionally, sellers pay the estoppel fee of $150. Keep in mind that any maintenance fees due and mortgages must be paid in full at closing.

If you are a non US resident or citizen, you may be required to pay FIRPTA or HARPTA fees. Please ask your DVC Shop agent FIRPTA and HARPTA requirements.

How Long Will It Take To Close Once My Property Is Sold?

Sales typically take 8-10 weeks to close. However, this timeframe may be extended if you have any outstanding reservations as all reservations must be completed prior to closing.

How Do I Prepare To Sell My Timeshare?

To get started you can complete and submit a listing agreement and resort release. This will allow DVC Shop to get all pertinent information about your ownership and consult with you on the next steps. We may also ask you for a screenshot of your point activity statement which will expedite the listing and selling process. Fill out this form to get started.

Our knowledgeable agents will walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions along the way.